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Do you think that the charming Ukrainian girls you’re corresponding with in an online dating site are real people?

Do you know that 50% of profiles submitted in such sites do not represent the real facts, 35% represent only part of them, and that only 15% of the ladies give true information in their profiles? And if you meet in a direct online chat with a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman who sends you beautiful photos you have an 85%-chance that you are chatting with a bearded man or a married lady whose only goal is to extract your money.

Are you aware of the fact that only 17% of the Ukrainian population has direct access to the Internet at home? Can you calculate the percentage of young Ukrainian or Russian single girls that could make use of an online dating site? Who are then the thousands of Slavic women permanently online on numerous dating sites?

These people have obtained the name of “scammers” – not only the ladies, it can be a man as well, and often they are language specialists and excellent psychologists whose methods become more and more sophisticated. Little correspondence time will make your purse lighter and your heart emptier after you discover you were deceived by a person to whom you’ve already become attached.

The same can be told of the services of small dating ads. Nine ads out of ten are false and have the goal of a fraud or a perverse subject.
If you use the online dating system of our club you for sure are not corresponding with an anonymous person. You can be sure that it is a woman of whom we have the address and the telephone number, it is a woman sincerely motivated to find a partner abroad.

If you want to find a REAL Russian woman with the use of a small dating ads service, I advise you to make these ads in the Ukrainian magazines. We could make them for you, and we will verify the motivation and make REAL photos of the interested Ukrainian girls before sending their profiles to you. This kind of small ads will give you a guaranteed result and will make sure you avoid bad surprises of Internet ads.


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